Special Crud Is Here
For the first time ever, I'm launching my own thing. Available now is Special Crud, where we are making simple, wearable tee shirts that don't chase trends, don't look like a unicorn vomited on your chest, and don't look like they were dreamed up in some corporate marketing meeting. Available now through Equal Dist, head over there and get yours now.

Posted on Nov 28 2013 by tfrancis
Famous Last Words 2…you guessed it!
Hot on the heels of last summer's smash hit of impending doom Famous Last Words comes the long-awaited sequel from Antihero. Only, its not what you had in mind. Decks for Hewitt, Grosso, Stranger and Gerwer, the numbers might not add up, but the laffs do! In stores now, get em before death comes a-knockin'. Oh, and the original art should soon be available for these and lots of other recent lovables via Equal Distribution.

Posted on Nov 28 2013 by tfrancis
Limited Edition SF Dew Tour Poster
As part of the San Francisco Dew Tour stop, I was asked to design a limited edition screenprinted poster, to be based on legendary skate photographer Bryce Kanights' iconic pic of Brian Anderson at Hubba. The prints were screened at the world famous Burlesque, in an edition of only 80. There's a video of about the project here.

Posted on Nov 28 2013 by tfrancis
New Graphics for Real Lo Pro 2
In stores now are two new decks for my longtime associates Real Skateboards, featuring Lo Pro 2 construction. With the Year of the Snake winding down, it was time to throw my hat in the ring with some appropriate graphics. Plus, I'm a snake nut. Decks for James Hardy and Pete Ramondetta, and art direction by Andy Pitts…..pretty happy with how these came out.

Posted on Nov 28 2013 by tfrancis
First seen in the recent Jeremy Fish-curated Prints for PDX show in Portland, I've got a set of three signature screen prints now available through Equal Distribution. Each Desolation series print is 18" x 24", three color, and silkscreened at Bloom Press. I'm really happy with how they came out, big and bold. Available separately, or buy all three and save a few bucks.

Each is an edition of only 50, so get them now while you can, its the first time I've ever done a signature screen print like this, but not the last.

Posted on Sep 20 2013 by tfrancis

Available any day now from Antihero is Famous Last Words, a close look at stupidity. Hippies, gas station attendants, stockbrokers, backwoods hicks…its open season on assholes. Get yours now before stupidity takes over, its a beautiful world we live in.

Not only will this series be continued with a follow-up set later in the year, but this happens to be the first graphic I've ever done for Jeff Grosso. An honor!

Posted on Sep 20 2013 by tfrancis
Recently launched was a project with the good folks at Atlas Skateshop in San Mateo, CA. Consisting of a series of three decks plus a set of tees, I'm really pleased with the result. Coinciding with Atlas' 6 year anniversary, its a limited run of everything, so if you see something you like, get em now before they're gonzo. Also did some new paintings for the July release party, head into Atlas to see them for yourself.

Posted on Sep 20 2013 by tfrancis
Vancouver's Knowshow is a bi-annual tradeshow that just recently wrapped up, and the organizers had me as their featured artist in the newest issue of Knowmag. Readable online, the large feature has tons of new and old artwork and graphics, as well as a conversation I had with the great Natas Kaupas. As part of the tradeshow, the Knowshow organizers invited me up for three days of live painting and carousing. Great folks, great city, check out the magazine article and decide for yourself.

Posted on Sep 20 2013 by tfrancis
In stores now is the Vermin series for Antihero, and its disgusting. Rats, maggots, flies and roaches all take turns devouring Chinatown trashcan contents. Nerd note: all four graphics feature critters seen in older Antihero board graphics, so this is a gross update to the old crud. Tons of disgusting detail in each to sift through, as if Chuck Manson drew a Where's Waldo book. Eat up!

Posted on Sep 20 2013 by tfrancis
In stores now for Antihero is the Forever Young set of graphics, celebrating something we'll all be someday: old, senile and dead. Live it up while you can, we'll all be Forever Young!

Posted on Jun 10 2013 by tfrancis
Releasing in July is a new signature artist series for Element Europe called Peaceful Warriors, a set of four graphics. The Element Europe guys are incredible when it comes to soft inks and comfortable bodies, so I'm sure this new set of tees won't disappoint. Here is a glimpse of two of the four tees, in stores soon, they won't last long.

Posted on Jun 10 2013 by tfrancis
Was recently featured in Concrete Magazine issue 123's Art Blender section. Shows work new and older, interview by Randy Laybourne, as well as a quote from the great Don Pendleton, plus a downloadable wallpaper piece of a new pigeon painting. Came out pretty nice, check it out.

Posted on Jun 10 2013 by tfrancis
Evan Smith has recently gone pro for Element, and I was honored to work with Bryan Arii on the launch collection. Boards, tees, stickers, rolling papers, guitar picks…there is no end to the great stuff done to celebrate the official launch of Evan Smith's pro career. Really stoked to be involved, Evan is a unique beast.

Posted on May 16 2013 by tfrancis
Vans Syndicate and Julien Stranger teamed up on two new really nice shoes, and they chose to use my old Antihero pigeon as part of the identity package. The shoes came out really nice, and the pigeon has never flown more proudly.

Posted on May 16 2013 by tfrancis
Those pigeons just love to party, and if you doze off, there are consequences. For Antihero, the Sleep With One Eye Open series celebrates having a really good time at someone else's expense. Don't sleep on Antihero.

Posted on May 16 2013 by tfrancis
I hand painted this classic hog shaped deck to raise money to benefit the Culver City softball league my daughters play for.  Painted and signed in January 2013, this one of a kind painting is acrylic and ink on wood (Handmade, one-off, 7-ply Canadian maple deck), and features those lovable, rascally pigeons.

Every cent raised from the sale of this deck will go directly to benefit the Culver City Fast Pitch softball league.

Ebay auction starts on January 31, 2013, 7am PST and will run for 7 days.  

Click Here to show your support. Thank you...!

Deck Dimensions: 9.5" wide 15"WB  31" length; 7 ply Canadian maple.

Posted on Feb 03 2013 by tfrancis
Hot, fresh and slathered with plenty of special sauce, its the Eat Shit And Die series from Antihero. In stores now, four lovable graphics highlight our love of disgusting fast food corporations. Hunger for more? There are two tee shirts available as well…..just try and resist the urge to buy a tee shirt with big dog balls on it! Good luck with that. Gross, cruel, and possibly actionable, this series is built to please even the fussiest of diners. Eat Shit and Die, with artwork by the kid.

Posted on Jan 18 2013 by tfrancis
Well the holidays are here, which means its time for suicide rates to spike!  And nothing rings in the holidays quite like a just-released set of four ornaments titled "Tis The Season For Suicide," showing four timeless ways of ending the holiday pain forever.  Printed on shatterproof, white acrylic, this set of four are sure to be a hit with kids and grandparents alike, as well as with anyone whose jaws tighten when they hear christmas carols.  

Show up with these to the holiday party and watch the delight and horror!  You can get your very own set at Equal Distribution.

Posted on Nov 11 2012 by tfrancis
On the magazine racks now is the newest issue of Monster Children, which has a beefy, long-winded interview and feature with me in my studio.  I've always loved the look and feel of that magazine, and I'm really honored to grace their pages.  Discussed are the old days and the new days, and I pick some favorites and do some badmouthing.  Get out there and check it out.

Posted on Oct 07 2012 by tfrancis
Hot and fresh are some new Antihero graphics.  Leading off is the Two Chicks One Dick deck, which is also available as a tee and a signed, limited edition run of 100 hand screened art prints through www.antiheroskateboards.com …. Just in time for the political season!

Also just released is a three set of Antihero team decks, with that rascally pigeon in the white hot spotlight.  Three graphics, three sizes, bright colors, diseased pigeons.  A winning formula.  

Posted on Oct 01 2012 by tfrancis
In stores now is an eight deck pro series with Antihero, a majestic collection of decks, tees, stickers, shop posters, and an amazing release video, voiced by Frank Gerwer.  Its time for the Pigeons Revenge, and they're getting frisky in the big city.

I've never been more proud of anything in my entire life, and this is but the tip of the melting iceberg.  Stay tuned for much, much more.

Posted on Aug 22 2012 by tfrancis
In conjunction with my new Antihero board series release, Equal
Distribution is making available a small handful of these limitededition, signed lithographs of the Julien Stranger "Nature's Revenge" deck art.  Created for the Public Domaine art show in Paris in 2011, only a few are still available.

And if you're really obsessive, the actual original art for the boardgraphic is also available through Equal Distribution.  It would look fantastic over your infant's crib, hanging next to your hunting trophies, or in the living room of your mother's house.

Posted on Aug 14 2012 by tfrancis
Coming out next week is the latest and greatest board graphics project I've been working on lately…check out the teaser video here.

Not enough for you?  Well, here's an exclusive peek at more of what's in store.

Also, for more glimpses of what I'm working on, find me on Instagram as #toddfrancisart ….I'm hot and heavy on there.

Posted on Jul 27 2012 by tfrancis
I've got some Element board graphics in a huge and amazing group show at the Museum of Design Atlanta called Skate It or Hang It?  The show is summarized nicely in Michael Sieben's article for Vice.  Nice murals, nice presentation, good job curator!

The show is up from June 16th to September 16th.  Go check it out, it looks really good and crud.

Posted on Jun 28 2012 by tfrancis
Freshly available is a custom hand painted deck I created as part of the Good Wood Skateboard Art Exhibition. The auction also includes top shelf talent like Don "Glass Catfish" Pendleton, Ed Templeton, Todd Bratrud, Neckface and a whole pantload of other artists who've donated a custom deck to benefit a proposed skate park project in Detroit.  

Lots of great pieces here to bid on, all affordably priced….the Good Wood auction runs this week only, and ends Saturday the 26th.  Get in on it now cupcake.

Posted on May 22 2012 by tfrancis
After more than four years of laffs, hard work and hundreds and hundreds of board graphics, I'm no longer working full time at Element.  Will miss the great people I worked alongside, but I've got a lot of great new projects underway, with a focus upon signature product and collaborations with some great companies.  Announcements to come!

Posted on May 19 2012 by tfrancis
When I was growing up, a process that ended about a week ago, I loved the old Heavy Metal magazines from the late 70s and 80s.  The best art and stories were by Moebius, aka Jean Giraud.  His tripped out and sparce illustrations and amazing backgrounds were a huge inspiration for me.  He died this month.  It sucks.

Do a google search on the artwork of Moebius, especially the stuff from Heavy Metal.  Just shut up and do it.

Posted on Mar 20 2012 by tfrancis
The Full Deck skate art show has come to southern California, and I've got a handful of decks on display as part of the show, which runs until April 21st at the RAFFMA.  As part of Full Deck, the curators have asked me to do a lecture and workshop on March 6th …. The lecture starts at noon in the gallery, and is open to the public.  The workshop is afterwards, but is only open to drawing class members and registered attendees.
And if anyone can tell me what I'm supposed to do at a "lecture," I'm all ears.

Click Here to download the flyer.

Posted on Mar 05 2012 by tfrancis
Recently spent a couple days in San Francisco doing a bunch of murals in the Oakley retail store at 842 Market Street.  Had a blast, thanks to Oakley for their ongoing support! If you're in the neighborhood, drop in and check it out. Click HERE to see photos of the mural coming together.

Posted on Dec 17 2011 by tfrancis
Complex Magazine just ran an article called “The Top Ten Skateboard Artists Right Now!”, and while the writer makes some controversial choices in there, he appointed me as #5 on the list.  Flattering? Amazing? Inaccurate?  Nonsensical list making?  Perhaps all of these things, but check it out nonetheless, and discuss.

Posted on Dec 20 2010 by tfrancis
The Elemental Giants board series has been out for a few weeks now, you can check it out here and hopefully buy them in your local skate shop.  Also available are a limited run of  TF Element Advocate tees with the same art, using crazy ultraviolet inks.

Posted on Dec 20 2010 by tfrancis
Was chosen to be part of the Love and Guts : Eyes Wide Open show in Costa Mesa recently.  The show was sponsored by Oakley, and featured a ton of well known artists from the skate world.  Created a new large drawing for the show, and also got to work with Don “Glass Catfish” Pendleton on a live painting mural during the opening.  Kirk Dianda filmed a piece about the show Amber B shot portraits of many of the artists and 944 covered the event.

Posted on Dec 18 2010 by tfrancis
Was part of a group show in Sydney, Australia that opened Nov 4th and remains up through Nov 21st. Among the other artists showing were Jeremy Fish, Amber B, Brian Gaberman, and Carolyn Drake. If you’re in Sydney somehow, go check it out. I’ll post a good pic of the new piece I did for the show sometime soon.

Posted on Dec 18 2010 by tfrancis
Bob Kronbauer, the fiendish mastermind behind Club Mumble, helped curate an art show that distributed blank cruiser boards to a bunch of artists like Don Pendleton, Matt Irving, Amber Bignell, Chris Pastras and a pantload of others, myself included.  We were all asked to paint on the boards, then donate them to Smile On Your Brother, an art show and online auction to benefit youth at risk and children in lower income neighborhoods in Canada.  All the boards are available for purchase via the online auction until Oct 25th, so act fast.  Here are some pics of my upbeat entry.

Posted on Oct 07 2009 by tfrancis
Earlier this summer, I was invited to do a mural on behalf of Element in Chicago’s Belmont Army, a really nice store downtown that just redesigned and reopened its skateshop downstairs.  My mural is the first thing you see as you head down the stairs to the skateshop, and will no doubt inspire you to buy plenty of shredgear.  The mural is a combination of rats, pigeons, and the brain damaged, presented in stereophonic bummer-vision.  Here are some pics.  Thanks to Craig at Belmont for being such an incredible host and all around great duder. One Two Three Four Five

Posted on Oct 07 2009 by tfrancis
October 30: Tons of Press for 3131 Show
An absurd amount of coverage for the 3131 Clement show, its like a turkey with seven drumsticks.  Full reviews from Slap and Juxtapoz, a very kind mention from Andy Jenkins on Crailtap, heavy scrutiny from the field operatives at Stereo, a wink and a goose from the beloved Fecalface, and notice from EXPN, SF Gate, Art Business, the sfist, Robby Wong and Skatedaily.net.  Slap has a nifty video of the whole affair on their review, which captures me talking completely out my ass.  

Posted on Nov 04 2008 by tfrancis
October 15: Equal Distribution Has Tons To Offer
Now available on Equal Distribution’s site is all the artwork showing at the 3131 Gallery.  Tons of my old work from Antihero, Real, Stereo, and New Deal, as well as newer work from Element and some studio work, including three new paintings done for the show, a series entitled “When Animals Rape.” 

Posted on Nov 04 2008 by tfrancis
October 1: Mister Big Stuff at 3131 Clement in SF
In perhaps the pinnacle of my career (?), the 3131 Clement Gallery in San Francisco hosted a retrospective of my work.  The show opened Sept 26th, lots of friends, strangers and notables were in attendance.  Tommy Guerrero did his thing with electric instruments.  Element has photos of the opening here.

Posted on Nov 04 2008 by tfrancis
June 27: SLAP interview in July issue
Just released is my interview/portfolio for SLAP magazine.  The interview was done by Isaac McKay-Randozzi, who asked me all sorts of rude and invasive questions.  The whole thing came out really nice, but as usual I sound like a complete tool.

Posted on Jul 08 2008 by tfrancis
June 23: Busting my turdcutter
Have been slaving over a bunch of new board graphics for Element for the last few months, and though they won't be in stores for awhile, here's a little toe in the water.

Posted on Jul 08 2008 by tfrancis
June 20: Solo Show in the Fall
The details are still in the cooker, but I'm probably doing a solo gallery show in the fall.  An official announcement will come soonly.

Posted on Jul 08 2008 by tfrancis
June 3: Death is Fucked
On June 2nd, Bo Diddley died.  This guy was a major influence upon the Stones, the Beatles, the Sex Pistols, and pretty much any musician worth a shit over the last 45 years or so.  For anyone who needs a quick education, here is an amazing article from a few years ago about him, and some clips of him in his prime.  Saw him play live four times, glad I did.  

Posted on Jul 08 2008 by tfrancis
More Element Decks Added
Several new board graphics series added to the gallery, graphics that have been released in recent months.  Many of them are in stores now.

Posted on Mar 14 2008 by tfrancis
Old Bones Out Now, Tell Your Mom
The Old Bones Signature Series is out now, and all sorts of new stuff coincide with the release.  Here’s how it looks.
There’s a short
video we filmed for the release, a contest to win a piece of the original art, and a new Element Advocates page.  A series of tees will also be out soon, keep your eyes peeled.
Either buy the boards at your local skateshop or, if you live in the middle of nowhere, find them online

Posted on Mar 04 2008 by tfrancis
Oakley Artist's Series still available
Although the limited number of these glasses available online through Oakley have sold out, you can still find some for sale on various online sunglasses stores. Moving units, charting sales, making pie charts.

Posted on Mar 04 2008 by tfrancis
Partnership with Equal Distribution
As of a couple weeks ago, I’ve partnered with the folks at Equal Distribution in San Francisco to make available framed original art of mine from over the last 15 years.  Art from Element, Antihero, Real, Stereo and others will be released in small batches for purchase, framed and signed.  Check in on their site every couple of months, as we’ll continue to add more items to the list.

Currently offered are several old Antihero pieces, plenty of Element pieces (including a few Bam items), my first graphic for Gonz on Real, and some funny Stereo pro graphics as well, among others.

Really excited to have partnered with these guys, stay tuned for more details on upcoming offerings, projects, etc.

Posted on Jan 02 2008 by tfrancis
New Element Advocates Series coming in January 08
In a few weeks, Element will release a pro series entitled “The Old Bones Series” through its Element Advocates program.  Its a whole big package deal, with a sticker, postcard, online video, tee shirts and all sorts of others bells and whistles.

I’ll reveal the full lineup of graphics closer to the series’ release date, but I’ll tickle your ass with a feather by showing the top graphic/sticker image

This is the first time I’ve ever had my name and signature on a board series, so I’m confused, honored and humbled by it all.  Can’t wait to see these in person.

Posted on Jan 02 2008 by tfrancis
CreditCovers Project
Created a piece for CreditCovers, basically a sticker that covers the front of your atm or credit card with artwork without impeding its function.  I hate how we carry these stupid little billboards advertising our bank in our pockets, would much rather cover it up with something nasty like this.  They’re inexpensive and kind of neat, hope you like.

Posted on Jan 02 2008 by tfrancis
Color Magazine
The delinquents at Color Magaine included me in Issue 5.4 their article about Skate Tees, interviewing me along with Don Pendleton, Jim Phillips, Craig Metzger and a bunch of others about our deepest thoughts on the past, present and future of tees in skateboarding.  I pretty much came across like a douche.

Posted on Oct 01 2007 by tfrancis
Pigeon Party In Your Pants

So Wednesday night was the release party for the Oakley artist series glasses, and it went well.  Café Du Nord was filled with signage, pigeons, displays of the glasses and packaging, and revelers both tall (matt irving) and old (mic-e reyes).  Virgil Shaw and Sonny Smith put on a whale of a show, and drink tickets vanished faster than american dollars in Iraq.  All the display pigeons were stolen, all the drinks were guzzled, and even the plastic fruit got eaten.  Thanks to everyone for coming, it was fun.

Posted on Sep 28 2007 by tfrancis
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