Limited Edition Decks and Prints Available at Worst of the Worst Shows

Available only at my ongoing “Worst of the Worst” art shows are a limited run of decks and screenprints.

I’ve made a run of 100 Stranger “K9” decks (originally released in 1997) in a new colorway, signed and numbered, as well as a signed edition of 150 “Worst of the Worst” screenprints, printed at Oakland’s Bloom Press.  Both are only available at the art shows (Brooklyn, Toronto and Los Angeles), and once they’re sold out, they’re gonzo.

The K9 deck is probably my single favorite board graphic i’ve ever made, and the screenprint features a who’s who of the horrible, ridiculous characters from Antihero graphics from the last twenty+ years, and its a must for Antihero nerds of all ages, heights and complexions.
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