“The Dirty Dozen” Paintings Now Available Via Equal Dist

Out today is a collection of new pigeon paintings called “The Dirty Dozen,” a set of 12 small format paintings available from Equal Dist. Each is 5″ x 7″, signed, ink and watercolor on paper.  They’ll make a remarkable gift for the person who has everything. We had a waiting list on these, as announced on Instagram (@toddfrancisart and @equaldist), but there are still several available.  You can see all 12 paintings at www.equaldist.com/collections/todd-francis and contact yongki@equaldist.com for inquiries.  

Hoarder Hero Pro Set Out Now From Antihero

Out now as part of Antihero’s Fall Drop 3 is the Hoarder Hero pro set, with decks for Trujillo, Julien and Gerwer.  Finally a set of decks that gives you a look into the glitzy, glamorous lifestyle of your favorite pro skaters. To see these and tons more fun, including a new video conversation between Jeff Grosso and Robbie Russo, go to antihero skateboards.com right now.  Its very important.

HUF x Todd Francis “Fuckhead” Capsule Out Now

Now available is my new HUF x Todd Francis “Fuckhead” capsule.  Consisting of tees, long sleeve tees, hoodies, hats and socks, this collection can be purchased at the HUF online store and at select HUF retailers. See it here:  http://store.hufworldwide.com/collections/huf-x-todd-francis-halloween-pack   Designed to release around Halloween, its my latest work with my longtime friends at HUF.  Stay tuned for more hijinks from us in the near future…

Part Two of Great Moments in Vagrant History out Now from Antihero

In stores now from Antihero is Part 2 of the sprawling Great Moments in Vagrant History pro set, a vast saga examining some of history’s most important chapters in vagrancy. Histories of transportation, pottery, foraging, print media and cardboard are explored, as well as history’s first underwear blowout. Decks for noted scholars Grant Taylor, Andy Roy, Peter Hewitt, John Cardiel and Raney Beres round out the set.  Get yours before history passes you by.

Big Board Spread in Newest Monster Children Issue

Out now is issue 48 of Monster Children, and Stereo co-founder Jason Lee is the Guest Editor.  I was asked to compile my favorite J Lee decks of all time, along with Mark McKee, Sean Cliver, Andy Jenkins, Christian Cooper and Chris Pastras, and the result was a four page piece where we all took turns talking about the fun we had developing graphics at our various companies with the man of the hour, Jason Lee. Buy issue 48 here:  http://www.monsterchildren.com/magazine/magazines-photo-annualsproductsphoto-annual-2014/  

Flock of Pigeons Takes Flight

Out this week is the Flock of Pigeons pro set for Antihero, with decks for Andrew Allen, Frank Gerwer and Chris Pfanner.  Our favorite flock of goofy birds stumble over used chow mein, street needles and severed ears.  Sure to delight young and old equally, these new decks are in shops now. But that’s not all!  Go to http://www.antiheroskateboards.com/catalog/fall15/  to see the full offerings from the Antihero Fall Drop 2, including the second half of my seemingly endless Great Moments in Vagrant History pro set AND a brief but highly insightful conversation between Julien Stranger and myself about god, dog, and Donald …

New, Horrible Piece for Monster Children

As part of my ongoing monthly observance of weird and dopey holidays for Monster Children, I present to you September’s holiday, International Mung Day.  Its truly repulsive, and I take no responsibility for this, I blame Jason Crombie, MC’s editor in chief, who invented the holiday and penned the accompanying article. To see the combined article and illustration in all their ghastly glory, go to http://www.monsterchildren.com/38412/international-mung-day/ This might be the worst piece of art i’ve ever done, and that’s really saying something.

Framed, Feathered and Fancy Free

One of the four new 5″ x 7″ pigeon paintings that were part of a recent commission. Another small group of these will be available soon, email yongki@equaldist.com to get on the waiting list.  These won’t last long.  

Small Flock Set to Fly

Just finished a new flock of small 5″ x 7″ pigeon paintings for a special commission.  Normally my pigeon paintings are far larger, but some people wanted a smaller format to hang proudly. A new small batch of these will be available soon, first come first serve. Contact yongki@equaldist.com to get on the list.  Do it now!  

Alex Magazine Out Now….Look Who Done Did The Cover

On newsstands now is the inaugural issue of Alix Magazine, a 160 page magazine/book from Europe with a ton of great content.  Interviews with Sean Cliver, Glen E. Friedman, Steve Olson, Cheryl Dunn, Winston Tseng and a bunch of other notables, and an interview with me inside as well. Shown here is the cover, which they commissioned me to do.  And i’m pretty happy with it. Find Alix in bookstores in the US and Europe, or purchase it directly here: http://idnproshop.com/item/?id=extra12