My New Web shop is live!

Very happy to announce the launch of my brand new Web Shop!

Available in the first Art Drop are a couple framed studio paintings, “Caravan” and “Rushmore,” as well as a variety of framed Antihero originals: drawings old and new from my decades of work with Antihero Skateboards. Included among them: the first pro graphic i ever did for Antihero, the Julien Stranger “Cockroaches,” the artwork for Tony Trujillo’s first pro board graphic “Six Pack,” the oversized single illustration that became a trio of “Sea Hags” pro graphics for Hewitt, Gerwer and Russo, the lineart for Frank Gerwer’s “Shopping Cart,” and others. Also available are two silkscreen editions: “Monkey Junk” and “Worst Of The Worst.”

Click the link and see if there’s anything there that might brighten your day, and while you’re there subscribe to my email list to get all the latest news on future Art Drops, stories and tall tales about the artwork being made available, and info about upcoming art shows and other hijinks. Thank you!