A New Pigeon Commission

Did this one for a very special client, and I think he (and it) are simply delightful. It will hang proudly in his slaughterhouse. If you’re interested in a private commission, and you’re of sound mind and sound body, contact me.  


New Fun Page for Penthouse This Month

That’s right, out now is the newest issue of Penthouse, and within its folds you’ll find my latest Fun Page. I’m told The Louvre and The Met are in a bidding war as they try to add it to their permanent collections.


Stance NBA Legends TF Collection Out Now

Hitting stores new now are the newest batch of NBA Legends socks from Stance, featuring art by this guy.  Being a longtime NBA fan, this was a huge honor and a lot of fun to work on. Seen above are socks for Julius Erving, Dominique Wilkins, Patrick Ewing, and Dennis Rodman, but there are several more in the collection…stay tuned for more on this soon.

AH_boutique series

Antihero Boutique Boards Out Now

In stores now as part of Antihero’s Summer ’16 drop is the Boutique set, with graphics that are empty, mysterious and above all trending hard. Decks for Andy Roy, Tony Miorana, Tony Trujillo and Tony Pfanner. Graphics by Sam D. and myself.  Get baffled today.

first coat mural

Mural in Australia as Part of First Coat Mural Festival

I was invited out to Australia to speak at The Design Conference in Brisbane in May, and while there I took part in Toowoomba’s First Coat Mural Festival.  Saw lots of amazing artists doing incredible work, and had a great time being there and meeting tons of fun people. Here is a pic of the finished mural.


Another Month, Another Fun Page in Penthouse

Out now is the February issue of Penthouse, and you’ll have to turn immediately to my monthly Fun Page feature, because its for a good cause.  I think.  I honestly can’t recall. Don’t forget to get yourself the February ’16 issue.