Fat Pigeons for Grosso Now Available

From Antihero comes these new boards for Jeff Grosso.  Look, he requested a fat, tattooed pigeon, so that’s what he got, alright? They can be found in finer skateshops now.  I think you should buy one.

July’s Wacky Holiday for Monster Children: Ratcatcher’s Day

July 23rd is Ratcatcher’s Day, which is a strange and goofy enough holiday to get featured as July’s Strange Holiday on Monster Children’s website.  Go to the link below to see the art and read another funny article by their editor Jason Crombie.  Is good. http://www.monsterchildren.com/36709/todd-francis-ratcatchers-day/    

Deluxe Group Show on Friday, July 31st in SF

San Francisco’s 111 Minna Gallery is hosting HELP WANTED, a group show featuring all the current artists toiling away in the art department of Deluxe Distribution, the people charged with the visuals for Real, Antihero, Krooked, Spitfire, Thunder and other notable skate brands.  Click on the invite above to see the full list, but the show will include art veterans Mark Gonzales, Dennis McNett, Gabe Morford, Chris Wright and Christian Cooper, as well as a long list of mysterious upstarts who hunger for the crown.  I’ll have several recent new paintings on display as well. Tommy Guerrero, John Cardiel and Orb will …

Video of Vans x Antihero x TF Art Show

Vans Canada has posted a video of my July 10th art show at Antisocial in Vancouver.  You’ll catch glimpses of happy visitors, my awful insult balloons, me drawing an Antihero x Antisocial deck, and Chris Pastras and Andrew Pommier having a good time, among others.  Check it out below:

The Pigeon Soars With Vans and Antisocial in Vancouver Friday, July 10th

I’ll be doing a one man art show this Friday, July 10th at Vancouver’s Antisocial Skateshop.  On display will be several paintings, a large selection of my favorite Antihero decks from the last 20 years, and several pieces of original Antihero board graphic line art. The show is sponsored by the great people at Vans and Vans Syndicate, and is part of the Van Doren Invitational taking place in Vancouver at Hastings Skatepark this week, July 10th-11th. During the one night event, i’ll be designing an Antihero x Antisocial board graphic, so if you’re in the area or have some …

Illustrations in Monster Children Issue #47

Just released is Monster Children magazines issue 47, which they’re calling the Japan Issue.  I was asked to illustrate a story written by noted art director/editor Konichi Nomura, in which he wrote about his personal favorite destinations in and around Tokyo. (Shown are just a couple of the illustrations i created for the article) Grab yourself a copy now, and you’ll feel like you’ve just taken a nice long trip to Japan.  Or at least i think so, i’ve never been.

Great Moments in Vagrant History…from Antihero

Now available is a set of decks i’ve done for Antihero, the Great Moments in Vagrant History.  This set of pro decks celebrates great men, pioneers if you will, living on society’s margins.  Groundbreakers who our history books often turn a blind eye to.  The brave individuals responsible for many of the modern advances witnessed every day on our city streets.  VISIONARIES. Time to get educated, with Antihero.  Decks for Trujillo, Gerwer, Miorana, Pfanner, Allen and Stranger in stores now.  

Set Sail With Penthouse

This month’s installment for “The Fun Page by Todd Francis” is heading into harbor.  Here’s a sneak peek. Soon you’ll see the whole enchilada, and you’ll feel a lot better about yourself.