“Special Crud Pigeons” Paintings Now Available

A set of 12 recent pigeon-themed paintings are now available via Equal Dist.  This is one of them, each has its own radical vibes going on. Each is 14″ x 17″, ink and watercolor on paper.  I’ll periodically show them here on my site, you can also see them on my Instagram feed: @toddfrancisart For inquiries, contact yongki@equaldist.com    

Ryan Dewitt

Working with Ryan was never boring, and he changed a lot of lives for the better during his brief stay. Thanks for the memories Ryan, you made the world a better place.    

Fun Page for Penthouse’s June Issue Now Out

Here is my newest piece for Penthouse, appearing in the June issue on my monthly “Fun Page.”  Because nothing celebrates the start of summer like cruelty to man’s best friend. On newsstands now, grab a copy and help yourself out.  

More Illustrations for Monster Children Coming…

Been cranking on a bunch of illustrations to accompany an article for Monster Children Magazine, its about hitting all the important destinations in and around Tokyo without falling into the typical, dull tourist crud. They’ll appear in the next issue of Monster Children…until that comes out, here’s a detail of one of the pieces i’ve been working on. Coming soon!  

Last Call for the Pub Crawl set from Antihero

In stores now from Antihero is the Pub Crawl set of pro decks.  Shapes for Allen, Hewitt, Pfanner and Gerwer, they’re just what you’ve been thirsting for.  They release as part of the Spring ’15 Drop 2 from Antihero. If you’ve got the shakes, these decks will fix you right up…and if you want the shakes, they might help you out with that too. Art by yours truly, of course.  

Relient K CD Cover Art Update

Ohio’s Relient K put out an album in 2003 titled “Two Lefts Don’t Make a Right…But Three Do,” and I did several different different album covers for them when it released.  The album would go on to achieve Gold Record status, pretty cool. Fast forward to now, and Relient K is reissuing a limited edition vinyl version of that same album, and they asked me to do the cover again.  This is the result. Album released this week, and can be purchased online at smlxlvinyl.com now.  

Raney Beres Pro Kit for Antihero

Texas terror Raney Beres recently went pro for Antihero Skateboards, and here’s the proof.  This is his first pro board ever, and i’m super honored and proud to have done the art. Congratulations Raney, I’ll try and keep up my end of the deal.  In shops now…  

Antihero Art now Available at Equal Dist

These three pieces, originally created as part of the Pigeon’s Revenge set of decks for Antihero in 2012, are now available via Equal Dist. Waterproof ink on paper, each is approximately 4.5″ x 6″. Email yongki@equaldist.com for inquiries.  Act fast, these pieces always sell out quickly.